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Spork is the first comic strip I ever attempted, dating back to April 2001.
I'm currently on sabbatical from it, but it will return some day.
The 200+ comics are archived here for your perusal.

Comic for [Friday, 04.26.02]:

"The Black Spork"

Spork Classic (Original flavor):

  1. The Beginning
  2. Nudity
  3. Michaelle?
  4. Education Hour I
  5. Britney Spears
  6. SWAT Angels
  7. Imagination I
  8. Imagination II
  9. Imagination III
  10. Imagination IV
  11. Bunny Emancipation
  12. Grammer Lesson
  13. Love
  14. Soap Opera
  15. It's So Wrong It's Wrong
  16. Beer Makes You Schmart
  17. Subversive Baby
  18. Heh Heh
  19. Pizzazz I
  20. Pizzazz II
  21. Pizzazz III
  22. Gaming Celebrity Secrets I
  23. Auditions I
  24. Auditions II
  25. Bambi vs. Gorgonzola
  26. Auditions III
  27. Barbarism I
  28. Barbarism II
  29. Barbarism III
  30. Barbarism IV
  31. Barbarism V
  32. 8-Bit Spork
  33. Supercat
  34. Enter Aaron
  35. Enter x0rz
  36. Accidents Will Happen
  37. The Big Problem
  38. I Finally Scare Off All My Readers
  39. Chair Goes Up I
  40. Chair Goes Up II
  41. Chair Goes Up III
  42. Chair Goes Up IV
  43. The Dangers of Politics
  44. Douglas Adams Tribute
  45. Who'd'a Thunk It?
  46. The Script That Was Rejected By Oliver Stone
  47. You Think They're So Dignified
  48. Inside Jokes Suck
  49. C-SPAN I
  50. C-SPAN II
  51. Signs of the Times I
  52. Invasion: Washington
  53. The Friendly's Conspiracy I
  54. The Friendly's Conspiracy II
  55. The Friendly's Conspiracy III
  56. Patriotism Is Dead
  57. The Friendly's Conspiracy IV
  58. The Friendly's Conspiracy V
  59. The Friendly's Conspiracy VI
  60. The Friendly's Conspiracy VII
  61. The Friendly's Conspiracy VIII
  62. The Friendly's Conspiracy IX
  63. Same Difference
  64. Now That That Loooong Subplot Is Over...
  65. How To Cheat In Comics I
  66. Better than A Cardboard Cutout
  67. Pantagruel's Nativity
  68. How To Cheat in Comics II
  69. Politician's Lament
  70. Turning Trix
  71. The End: Take 23
  72. Full Marks In Zoology
  73. We Finally Give In to the PC Invasion
  74. Bad Samaritanship
  75. My Evil Twin
  76. Second Attempt
  77. Artistic Masturbation
  78. The Attack of the Dung Beetles
  79. Son of the Attack of the Dung Beetles
  80. Big Sister
  81. Unclear Physics
  82. Ouch
  83. Bride of the Attack of the Dung Beetles
  84. Missing In Action
  85. A Cry For Help
  86. Radioactivity Explains Everything
  87. Great Balls O' Dung
  88. Education Hour II
  89. Some Superpowers Were Not Meant to Be
  90. The Setupless Punchline
  91. Apology
  92. Apology Redux
  93. Comic Most Likely To Get Me Sued
  94. Gary Larson Impersonation Day
  95. Aaron Likes Cheese
  96. Even Bad Guys Have Mouths to Feed
  97. Insane Laughter 101
  98. It Really Wasn't That Funny
  99. Speeches We'd Like To See
  101. Die Sporkc'schen Jaeger
  102. Too Much of a Bad Thing
  103. The Clinic
  104. Good Point
  105. The Power of Shading
  106. Coming To Terms With Reality
  107. Is It Too Much To Ask?
  108. Bribery In Motion
  109. The Subtler Forms of Child Abuse
  110. Clueless
  111. How to Cheat In Comics III
  112. Small Comforts
  113. I Like Evil Castles
  114. Incompetent Romantic Exploits I
  115. Incompetent Romantic Exploits II
  116. The Secret Ingredient
  117. Insert Dot Com Pun Here
  118. Why Can't It Be Like In The Movies?
  119. Isn't It Better Not To Encourage Them?
  120. Some Guys Need A Li'l Originality
  121. The Flinch Connection
  122. You Know It'll Happen Eventually
  123. Chicken Soup For The Soul Contains MSG
  124. When Pigs Don't Fly
  125. Reality Has No ^C
  126. Now That's A Stupid Ending

EXTREME SPORK (An extremely silly improv comic):

  1. Dishwasher's Dream
  2. An Underwhelming Comic
  3. Well At Least She's Honest
  4. The Devil You Know
  5. He's Not All Bad
  6. Inappropriate Reactions
  7. Satan Explains It All
  8. The Devil's In The Details
  9. Heaven Confidential
  10. Honey I Shrunk The Comic
  11. The Day The Music Died
  12. The Power of Cheese
  13. Cynical Man and Sarcastic Boy
  14. Interview With The Superhero
  15. The Circle Master
  16. Me, Myself, and I
  17. Now All It Needs Are Anime References
  18. My Muse Called In Sick
  19. Think of the Childs!
  20. It's Not My Fault, Honest!
  21. The Joy of Fuckles
  22. Life's A Bitch
  23. Dinosaur Bob Likes Corduroy
  24. Dinosaur Bob Likes Children
  25. Rejection Section, What's Your Predilection?
  26. He's A Sharp One
  27. You Are What You Is
  28. Ah, Fuck It
  29. Don't Ask, Just Don't Ask...
  30. Just When You Thought It Was Safe
  31. Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?
  32. A Public Service Announcement
  33. That's What It's All About
  34. More Presidential Sexual Ambiguity
  35. Tina the Tuna
  36. Unnatural Nature Shows
  37. Community Disservice
  38. Word of the Day
  39. A Delicious, Heart Healthy Snack
  40. A Delicious, Heart Healthy Snack, Part II
  41. Badgers Are Nature's Candy
  42. A Job With Fringe Benefits
  43. Interview With the Ned
  44. Anime Day
  45. Enter Zombie Boy
  46. Ah, the Dorm Life
  47. The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret
  48. Now With More Ass!
  49. Because Without Pork, Spork Is Just A Letter
  50. Well, Philosophy Does Sorta Mean "Love of Brains"
  51. When You Wish Upon A Star...
  52. He Had To Crawl Into Dick's "Watergate"
  53. Cheese Dream
  54. A Terrible Mistake
  55. Return of Dodge & Burn

Spork Pioneer (Strips drawn for my school newspaper, the Pioneer):

  1. Pillar of Firestone
  2. Stalling? Who, me?
  3. Jesus H. Christ On A Stick

Spork Mark III (New and improved!):

  1. Reboot
  2. Here They--!
  3. Choosy Mothers Choose Braaaaaiiins...
  4. Yes, Spork Can Even Bore Zombies!
  5. Powers of Persuasion
  6. Erk.
  7. Dissed Disclaimer
  8. Actually, No One Really Asked This
  9. Sylvan Finds God
  10. My God
  11. Sex Makes You Hungry
  12. You Think They're So Dignified, II
  13. The Universe Is Shareware
  14. Guest Strip by Aaron Perlstein of Smack!
  15. Holy Shit
  16. Sylvan Makes God Cry
  17. An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  18. The Tempest: Intro
  19. The Tempest: Brains of the Operation...
  20. The Tempest: A Winning Combination
  21. The Tempest: Yes, Those Are Balloons
  22. The Tempest: More Expository Dialog
  23. Intermission: Lazy Cartoonist Day
  24. The Tempest: Baerie Funny
  25. The Tempest: Isn't Sycorax A Laxative?
  26. The Tempest: Everyone Likes A Pottymouth
  27. The Tempest: Follow the White Rabbit
  28. The Tempest: Love Is Blind
  29. Guest Strip by Srdjan Achimovich of McDuffies
  30. Spork Birthday Celebration!
  31. The Tempest: The Best Laid Plans of Ducks...
  32. The Tempest: Eat Them... Before They Eat YOU
  33. The Black Spork